This vase is perfect for displaying tall vase filler and twigs, as well as filling up any negative space against an empty corner. Use as a flower holder on your coffee, console, and kitchen tables, or as a decorative piece on a book shelf or office shelf. A 3-piece design lets you display with flexibility color and style to complement any space in your home. . Suitable for indoor use only. 0. 6″ and 0. 5″ vase openings. Comes in a set of 3 for various design options.

Glamorous and elegant, this decor adds some glam to your home
Flower vase is crated of a solid ceramic material for durable foundation
Vases features a polished glossy silver finishing with textural exterior
3-in-1 set of silver flower vases include pieces with long, narrow snouts and round bottom halves
The items in this set measure 3″D x 12″H, 4″D x 12″H, and 3″D x 12″H and collectively weigh 3lbs
SKU: 69681
DIMENSIONS: 4 × 4 × 13 in


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